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The Samaritan Center is a not-for profit mental health and pastoral counseling agency which has served Elkhart County since 1972.  The Center’s focus is on the whole person—body, mind, and spirit.

The professional staff and consultants at the Samaritan Center represent several disciplines, including pastoral counseling, clinical psychology, social work, and family medicine.

The highly successful Samaritan model of healing the whole person— body, mind, and spirit—originated in Elkhart, Indiana, in 1972.  Founded by members of the community, the Center’s initial leadership came from Burton Kintner, M.D., who served as Medical Director, and Rev. R.J. Ross, who served as Executive Director.  Today, the Center still employs a clergyperson as Executive Director and a physician serves as the Medical Director. 

The model of the Samaritan Center was so successful, it has developed into 505 Samaritan Center offices serving 364 communities in the US and Japan.  The Samaritan Center is accredited by the Samaritan Institute as well as by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.

The Samaritan Center continues to offer quality counseling and psychotherapy services, presenting a multidisciplinary approach which treats the whole person, while being respectful and supportive of faith issues.  Our policy is that faith concerns are discussed only at the initiation of the client, and are not a required to participate in therapy.

The fees at the Samaritan Center are based on the actual cost of delivering services.  Since the Center does not receive state funds, we rely on benevolent giving to offset fee assistance given to those clients who cannot afford the full cost of services.

In addition to the main office location, we offer services at four satellite locations, as well as consultations and networking opportunities to businesses, churches, social agencies, and other organizations.

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Read Milne Kintner’s memories of her father, founder Burton Kintner, MD, and his original vision of the Samaritan Center and its connection with his family history of healing.

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