Board of Directors

2017 Board of Directors

Ginny Russell                    President
Karen Smith                      Vice-President
Chris Nilsen                      Treasurer
 JJ Collins                             Secretary
Frank Lucchese                Past President
Pastor Nancy Bennett
JJ Bond
Aimee Bontrager
Lauree Brown
Laura L. Ezzell
Brian Housand
Tim Koch
Katie McCormick
Jeff Miller
Melissa Ramey
Michael Terlep
Sheila Terlep
Michelle Thomas
Joan Vidic
Meghan Wenger
Chuck Willour


In Honor/Memory  2016

    Julie App Breitling
    Rev. Dr. George H. Frey

Past Presidents of the Board of Directors of the Samaritan Center
Burton Kinter. M.D.
Rosemary Bond
Tom Kuhn
Sydney Reickhoff
The Rev. Marcus Blaising
Robert Hodgson
Dean Burket
David Steede
Robert Gordon
Dian Holderman
Doug Opheim
Dottie Arnold
Phid Wells
Connie Minzey
Lain Ruch Downs
Kathy Freese
Steve Eldridge

Stan Rupnow
Gordon MacKenzie
Robert Homan, Jr.
John T. Hutchings, Ph.D.
Martha Peterson
James Brotherson
The Rev. Stephen B. Braden
Paul Romanetz
Joel Duthie
Joan Rhoade
Braden McCormick
Juli Meyer
Cindy Burns
Dean Leazenby
Brian Housand
Frank Lucchese

Executive Dirctors of the Samaritan Center Past & Present

The Rev. R.J. Ross (1972-1977)
The Rev. Charles Nesseth (1977-1978)
The Rev. Dr. Gerald Toshalis (1978-1983)
The Rev. Dr. William Scar (1983-1986)
The Rev. Dr. George H. Frey (1986-1997)
The Rev. Dr. Gregory A. Hinkle (1997-2013)
David Toney (Interim, Jan-April 2014)
Randal J. Rhoade, CPA (April 2014-present)



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