Samaritan Funds

Contributions to any of these funds are used for only one purpose: to help persons who could not otherwise afford the full cost of services at the Samaritan Center.

The Samaritan General Fund

This fund helps a wide variety of clients including: couples in conflict; adults recovering from childhood abuse; families concerned about struggling children; and adults who are hindered in their day-to-day life by depression, anxiety, panic, loss or grief.

Small-Fry Samaritan Fund

Inaugurated in 2000, this fund was created to assist children. Children may receive help for issues such as abuse, coping with family problems or divorce, or behavior problems at home or at school. Donors to the Small-Fry Fund help children learn to deal constructively with their problems and greatly increase the chances of these children growing up to be well-adjusted, productive citizens.

Jonathon Fund

This fund was created in 2009 in memory of Jonathon Burton in response to the growing need for therapy involving adolescents who may be facing relationship dilemmas, identity struggles, or suicidal thoughts and feelings.

Julie Fund

This fund was created in 2016 in memory of Julie Hluchota who lost her battle with addiction on July 22, 2015. The fund is to support individuals and families impacted by any type of addiction served by the Center. We hope this fund will help ensure access to treatment and ongoing support that is critical to long-term, sustained recovery.

Pastors Referral Fund

As part of our partnership in ministry with local congregations, contributions to this fund enable the Samaritan Center to make vouchers available to pastors. Each pastor receives a voucher annually; the voucher can be redeemed for an initial consultation at no cost. This Fund enables pastors to refer their parishioners to the Samaritan Center with confidence that finances will not be an issue in getting started.

Veteran’s Fund

This fund was created specifically for veterans, as well as their family members, to help cope with the stress of returning to civilian life. Over the years, we have seen progress made for those suffering from having served our country.

Silent Samaritan Fund

This fund involves women helping women. Almost two-thirds of the clients seen at the Samaritan Center are women, and women are often most vulnerable financially at the very time they most need counseling help. The Silent Samaritan program is run by women on the Samaritan Center’s Board of Directors; they solicit gifts for use only in helping women get the help they need. Gifts are made anonymously. Each year, this fund helps women to attain wholeness in the face of spousal abuse, childhood physical, sexual or emotional abuse, low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. Women receiving Silent Samaritan assistance benefit not only from the help they receive, but also from knowing that other women care enough to give them this life-changing gift.

If you would like to make a donation to support any of the Samaritan Center funds, you may do so in several ways.  You can make a donation online by using the following link HERE.  You can also mail a check payable to "The Samaritan Center" at:  Samaritan Center, 311 W. High Street,  Elkhart, IN  46516